Who is CEOL

Canada Educational Organization, Ltd. (CEOL), is a duly registered corporation in the Province of Ontario, Canada. CEOL intends to aggressively introduce the very best of Canadian educational institutions, programs and curricula as premier choices for students seeking opportunities in higher studies and professional development programs.


CEOL aim to bridge the needs and opportunities between Canada and Asia in the field of education. This will include college/university search and placement services for students wishing to pursue post secondary as well as post graduate programs in Canada. We also bring Canada-based curriculums and training materials to local institutions, both in the private and Government sectors to reach those who may need to avail of them even without leaving the country.


Our corporate tag-line “Education Beyond Borders,” captures the essence of our philosophy that education is lifelong process that extends beyond the confines of the 4-walled classrooms and prepares an individual to compete and excel in a rapidly evolving globalized economy. We believe in preparing our clients for a world that is yet to come by equipping them with the knowledge, life skills and discipline to embrace a mindset that is global in its thinking.