The Government of Canada

Canada’s government is a national institution that contributes to the high quality of life enjoyed by Canadians. Large and multi-faceted, it has offices across Canada and around the world. Canada’s government is committed to perform a wide range of functions from providing policy advice, to managing and enforcing legislation and regulations, to delivering a multitude of programs and services.

The government works to ensure that the business of government is managed in a sound, accountable, and integrated manner. Various measures, legislated initiatives and activities are underway to modernize administrative operations in the government–to put in place the management policies, practices and tools that enable collaboration and contribute to well managed and accountable “government affairs.”

The framework of Canada’s performance assessment is guided by the following strategic outcomes:

  • Economic Affairs
    • income security and employment for Canadians
    • strong economic growth
    • an innovative and knowledge-based economy
    • a clean and healthy environment
    • a fair and secure marketplace
  • Social Affairs
    • healthy Canadians
    • safe and secure communities
    • a diverse society that promotes linguistic duality and social inclusion
    • a vibrant Canadian culture and heritage
  •  International Affairs
    • a safe and secure world through international co-operation
    • global poverty reduction through sustainable development
    • a strong and mutually beneficial North American partnership
    • a prosperous Canada through global commerce

Canadians rightly expect a lot from their public sector by pursuing policies and programs that that will address public priorities. The government is expected to operate in an open, transparent, and accountable manner by showing that government programs and services are well managed. Above all, the constituencies want guarantees that they are receiving good value for their tax dollars.

In its performance report of 2007 – 2008, the federal government of Canada committed to achieving the following priority endeavors:

  1. Have the best possible system for ensuring that all Canadians receive essential medical treatment within clinically acceptable waiting times.
  2. Support and enable innovative approaches to health care delivery, consistent with the principles of a universally accessible and equitable public health care system.
  3. Meet its core priority of improving the accountability and transparency of government operations to Canadians.
  4. Rise up to the challenges and seize the many opportunities a global economy can bring, while contributing its share to international peace, security, and assistance, Canada must remain engaged abroad.

Canada is likewise working with its partners and the global community to bring peace, stability, and development to many countries around the world. Through Canada’s foreign and defense policies, Canada is involved in numerous international organizations and peace support operations worldwide. Canada further supports these global efforts and broader development objectives through bilateral and multilateral investments in development assistance, support to non-governmental organizations as well as through emergency humanitarian relief.

Other areas in which the government plays a role include international negotiations and treaties on trade, the environment, human rights and humanitarian law, and funding for science and technology. This Government of Canada’s contribution to four outcomes related to Canada’s place in the world includes:

  1. A strong and mutually beneficial North American partnership;
  2. Prosperous global economy that benefits Canadians and the world;
  3. A safe and secure world; and
  4. Global poverty reduction through sustainable development.