Message from the President

In this age of globalization, walls and boundaries are shattered while bridges for greater interactions among nations and people are emerging. To cope with the challenges inherent to a shrinking world, it is imperative for individuals and organizations alike to develop a global perspective and the ability to participate and contribute to the unfolding of a more harmonized and inter-dependent global community.

In order to compete and excel, Asian nations are looking at the West for the education and career advancement of their future generation. In Indonesia, more than a trend, it has become a necessity to explore options for higher studies outside of the country as the battle for the best careers and opportunities becomes concentrated on the increasing population of international graduates who are returning to their homeland or building their careers outside. In either case, these pools of young professionals are a significant contributor to the pride and progress for the country.

In the same manner, companies around the world are continuously raising their standards and scouting for able and fresh talents to strengthen their workforce. With the fast-phased advancement in industry and technology, it is a requisite to attract people who had acquired the knowledge, skills and discipline to consistently challenge the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

It is amidst this environment that Canadian Educational Organization, Ltd. (CEOL) creates a new pathway between Canada and Indonesia to allow for a freer exchange of expertise—world class education and training in Canada vis-à-vis the Indonesian pool of future leaders and wealth of opportunities for business expansion.

Kindly read through these pages and get to know more about CEOL. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities with us.


PRESIDENT, Canadian Educational Organization Limited (Canada)