Canada Immersion Program

Canada Immersion program is a program specially designed and will be conducted during the summer (June-August) or winter (December) months in Canada. That’s why the program is also sometimes referred to as ‘Summer Camp’ or ‘Winter Camp’. It combines classroom learning with series of outdoor activities from 5-21 days in select venues in Canada. For 2010, CEOL organize a 9-day summer and winter camp to British Columbia and for 2011, CEOL organize a 9-day summer and winter camp to British Columbia and Ontario. Why you should take hold of this opportunity to join an immersion program in Canada?

  • Because Canada is a perfect destination to experience global community where almost all of the world’s ethnic groups are represented, creating one of the worlds most culturally diverse and multilingual societies;
  • Because it will provide an invaluable insights to Canada’s colorful and interesting cultural heritage;
  • Because Canada offers an interesting and diverse natural beauty at its best. While Canada has huge and very modern metropolitan cities, it has also preserved hundreds of national and provincial parks that offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor recreational activities providing endless activities that changes with every change of the season;
  • Because it can open endless possibilities of having that World-class education for your students. Canada’s education system is excellent and ranks among the best in the world providing students, Globally Recognized Educational Credentials. Canadian colleges and universities are highly regarded worldwide with 12 Canadian universities ranking among the top 200 universities worldwide by the Times Higher education supplement. 

In addition to the regular Summer Camp and Winter Camp programs, CEOL also design and organize a tailor-made immersion programs suited to schools/organizations’ curriculum or specific field of study/interest. Please contact us to discuss the details of your requirement.