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Is MBA right for you?

July 26th, 2013

Is MBA right for you?

2 personal issues to settle before signing up for an MBA

"MBA" ("Master of Business Administration") is a graduate business program that promises its degree holders a quick climb on the corporate ladder. Universities with MBA programs usually entice career-oriented people to sign up through its promise of fast-track promotions, higher salaries and a global and prestigious network.

Due to a 1999 government decree, Indonesian graduate schools are required to issue "magister" degrees, not a master's degree. Hence, what would normally be called an MBA in other countries is labeled an MM here, or a Masters in Management. Local schools that claim to offer MBA degrees are usually in partnership with a foreign institution.

Because of this limitation of local universities, Indonesians who want to compete globally are going abroad to get their MBA. Studies have been consistent in showing the clear advantage of those with MBAs over those with bachelor's degrees only. In terms of salary, the difference ranges between 15 to 49%. This, on top of other benefits forming part of the total MBA package that includes fully paid vacation, company-sponsored social events and volunteer opportunities. Bigger companies also provide moving allowances for expatriates, stock purchases plans and parental opportunities. Smaller companies, on the other hand, award profit-sharing bonuses or commissions. These are all on top of the usual vacation leave, sick leave and insurance.

In terms of job satisfaction and over-all personal fulfillment, MBA degree holders are most likely to fare better as well because their exposure to the real global environment usually allows them to see the bigger picture in the business world, and hence, they can make a more informed decision about their career paths.
These are very clear benefits that don't come cheap. There are 2 major issues you need to contemplate on before you decide for the big move.

Issue No. 1: Would you like to have an internationally recognized title after your name?

Borders between nations have collapsed due to the advancing technologies. It is no longer uncommon for an Asian to be working in Europe for an American company, or a European working in America for an Asian company. With these, an "international" business language is necessary, and "MBA" is part of that language.

Clearly, if you were dreaming of being in a multinational company, an "MM" would not ring a bell as easily as "MBA". While the contents of the two programs are the same, "MBA" would save you the time and effort of explaining one of your laurels.

Issue No. 2: Would you like to excel and thrive globally?

Inherent to a global business environment is the fact that if you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you have to be prepare yourself to compete not just with your fellow Indonesians or Asians, but more so with the rest of the world. For this, one ticket necessary is a resume that says you are ready, as shown by a stellar academic record that includes a globally recognized graduate degree.

If your response to these 2 issues is a resounding "yes", then you can decide without a doubt that you have to get an MBA abroad. Prepare yourself for the thorough multi-month application process by proper research of the appropriate school and getting the advice of education counselors you can trust. No stone should be left unturned as you take this life-changing step of your life.

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