VIDEO: CEOL Summer Camp 2011

Canada Summer Camp Program is an educational and fun introductory course on the culture and tourism in Canada. During The Summer Camp Program, participants will take “English as Second Language (ESL)” classes conducted by prestigious institutions in Canada for which they would receive Certificate of Completion afterwards. They will also have a taste of Canadian everyday life with their homestay parents.

Aside from the ESL classes, participants will also engage in fun outdoor activities such as golfing, canoeing, kayaking, and horse-back riding during summer. They will also visit famous landmarks in Canada during the City Tour.

The Summer Camp Program will be held either in the British Columbia region (Vancouver, Okanagan or Kamloops) or in the Ontario area so participants will enjoy the best of natural scenery. Canada is known for being one of the best places to work, live, study and travel, and this trip will definitely get participants a taste of this reality.


Program Duration

ESL Certificate Programs

The ESL Program aims to improve the conversational and writing skills of the participants using the English language. The Program is conducted by native speakers and the course outline used is prepared by accredited Canadian institutions.

Cultural Orientation & Homestay with a Canadian Family

There is no better way to experience daily life and be immersed in Canada’s unique culture other than by staying with a Canadian family and taking part in their daily activities. Through the Homestay Program during the entire duration of the event, participants will learn the intricacies of the“multicultural culture” of Canada, being an immigrant country from time immemorial.

Career Night

Improve your English language academic writing and oral presentation skills in preparation for University.
Outline course prepared by Thompson Rivers University, an accredited institution of Canada.
Introduce Canadian culture and North American way of life to Indonesian students.
Each student is an ambassador for Indonesia.

Summer Outdoor Activities and Tours

Golfing, Horseback riding, Canoeing, Visits to famous tourist destination sites and Campus visits Discussion about emerging careers in North America and academic pathways to some career opportunities.